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Do I need to buy a drum kit to start playing?

Absolutely not! To start playing all you need is a willingness to learn! Whilst obviously if you still with the drums actually purchasing the instrument down the line is highly recommended, many famous drummers began learning on pots and pans or pillows and cushions! and when the time to take the plunge does come, advances in electronic drum kits and products developed by drum head and cymbal companies have made practising quietly far more achievable if the noise of the instrument is what you're concerned about.

What experience do you have working with children?

I've got several years of experience working with children, both as a teacher and as a volunteer working in school extracurricular clubs.  I have also been DBS checked and can present the certificate upon request for your peace of mind.

What ages are appropriate for lessons?

First off, it's very cliche but it truly never is too late to pick up an instrument. If you find yourself with a little time on your hands and playing music is something you've always been interested in doing, let me tell you that now is the time to take that jump! the drums are a fantastic outlet even if you never intend to take your playing beyond the practice room, and developing a skill like drumming is one of the most rewarding things you can do. As far as the lower end, from my experience, typically children under the age of 10 tend to have a harder time picking up the instrument, although there are some children that are more suited to it from an earlier age than others, and no one will know their child better than their parents, so using your own personal judgement is the best way to gauge whether your child is ready for lessons yet.

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